We offer a 1 year health guarantee for any genetic heart problems and a 2 year hip dysplasia guarantee.  If any condition should arise, I will replace your German Shepherd at no cost to you except shipping fees.. Make sure the dog gets proper exercise, regular, and proper diet and exercise is very important to the health of your young dog. 

We DO NOT give out cash refunds or pay for any vet bills, we replace your dog. 

Please remember that your puppy is not immune from Parvo and Distemper until after the 12 week shot has been given.  Your puppy is NOT guaranteed against this.  DO NOT TAKE YOUR PUPPY TO PUBLIC AREAS, STORES SUCH AS PETSMART, OR LET OTHER DOGS (outside the family) PLAY WITH YOUR PUPPY until after they are fully immunized.  If you buy toys from stores such as Petsmart, clean them with bleach water, then rinse thorougly before giving them to your pet.


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